About Flabbergast

Formed in 2010 Flabbergast was conceived to make exciting theatre rooted in physicality and devising with a belief that all theatre should be vital, engaging and accessible.

We are committed to exploration of all theatrical styles adding to our excellent reputation in puppetry, physical comedy, and physical theatre and exploring other expressions and pedagogy such as Butoh, Grotowski, Lecoq and Mask.

In devising we consider that our creative's are our greatest resource and as such endeavor to create theatre through an extensive and collaborative research and development process using performers from many disciplines including acting, dance, clowning, circus arts and puppetry, furthermore we are committed to the development and creative growth of our ensemble both within the context of FLabbergast Theatre but also as artists in their own right.

Our Current Collaborating Creatives for Macbeth/Makbet

Henry Maynard
Artistic Director

Matej Majeka
Movement Consultant

Adam Clifford
Musicality/Percussion Consultant

Associate Artists

Briony O'Callaghan

Dale Wylde

Daniel Chrisostomou

Elisabeth Gunawan

Kyll Thomas-Cole

Simon Gleave

Vyte Garriga