Remember The Porter!

The Porter Cabaret

Camden People's Theatre 4th - 5th April 2018, 9PM

A preposterous approach to an absurd character. Except hilarity and stupidity as clowns, puppets and mask performers attempt to unravel one of Shakespeare’s enigmatic and evasive roles: the Porter from Macbeth. The game: to stay on stage. The catch: we must be entertained! Our performers ensure that you ‘Remember the Porter’

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We take on Australia...and Norwich!

New dates added

Boris & Sergey's Vaudevillian Adventure Upcoming Dates

Norwich Puppet Theatre - 27th January 8pm

Fringe World, Australia - 15th - 25th February (exc 19th)

Tatterdemalion Upcoming Dates

Fringe World, Australia - 18th - 25th February

Thank you Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Boris & Sergey's One Man Extravaganza reviews

So many wonderful reviews from this year at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Along with these the show was listed by The Sctosman as
'Top 6 comedy shows to see', 'Top 5 pick of the fringe' and 'Top 5 Weirdest shows to see'.


"[this] consistently joyful, yet bleak, puppetry extravaganza is exceptional... there is real joy to be had in witnessing these small puppets gone large"


"a towering moment in tiny theatre… it is absolutely hilarious"


"A puppet-show like no other… One of the most creative forms of storytelling this Fringe, and is one of my favourite shows of the year."


"a superb piece of puppetry theatre"


“Boris and Sergey are one of the top comedy double acts of the festival… Bunraku puppetry has never been so glamorous… hilarious, witty, and, on a couple of startling occasions, even moving… you’d be a fool to miss them work their magic yet again"

The Bus gets a makeover

Welcome our new shiny touring Bus or as we call it...The Illustrious Perambulating Omintorium, purveyor of Theatrical Delights!

With thanks to Ellie Mills for her amazing work, the bus will be touring around the country, visiting festivals and events. Look out for it on the motorways across will not be overtaking you!

Plan B Music Video
with Flabbergast Theatre

Very proud to announce this! An amazing collaboration with Plan B for the release of their new Single 'In the Name of Man'

Very relevant to the times we live in. Lovely to see our puppeteers and puppets doing their stuff!

Watch the video here